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American 1940-50s Celluloid Wedding Cake Toppers

This is a vintage American 1940 – 1950’s WWII era celluloid man and woman wedding cake topper. It is on a lightweight white cardboard base, with the arbor finished as the base, in an ivory colored satin taffeta, accented with a large Daisy and branches of flowers.  The groom is wearing a black tuxedo, and the woman a satin gown with a tiara of pearls.

Most of the vintage cake toppers on the market date from the 1920s through the 1950s and early 1960s. The most collectible toppers come from Europe, especially Germany. Each decade had its own variations, although there are more similarities across the years than differences. There are hand painted celluloid Kewpie couples from the 1920s, German bisque, and even figurines with crepe paper clothing. The 1930s ushered in Bakelite couples, and in the 1940s porcelain brides with net veils and silk flower bouquets were popular. Some of the best 1950s cake toppers feature debonair grooms in white dinner jackets with shawl collars arm-in-arm with their lovely brides in their sets of pearl bridal jewelry.

Certain images/photos incorporated into this template are the royalty free property of Karen’s Whimsy Public Domain Images.Vintage American 1940-50s Celluloid Wedding Cake Topper

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