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How to Choose Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers

Basically, you could choose your wedding cake topper based on the type of the cake. If you have ordered a formal white three tier cake, maybe you need a traditional cake topper to make it more brilliant. Here, tradition means simple but always fashionable. Below are two major types of traditional cake tops for your reference.

  • Conventional figurines of bride and groom. The simple figurines of a bride and groom have been popular since 1950th. They are recommended as a symbol of two people’s live joining together and also a sweet future arm in arm. They have been considered as the best choice to match the white wedding dresses in a traditional wedding. Simple doesn’t mean monotone. You can still choose different styles and poses. Take your time to review dozens of pictures on Internet, and you could find the one that best described your dream wedding.
  • Initials. You can also have the initials as your topper. They are also simple, but can be very creative. It could be the combine of the bride and groom’s initials, or it can be a monogram meaningful to both of you. Maybe it’s some place you met each other for the first time, or it can even be the initials of different places where you had great memory together. Initial wedding cake toppers are mostly made by metal or acrylic. Some bride like to use crystal one to make the wedding more fairy-tale. Most people love its elegance.

Choosing wedding cake topper is one of the small but meaningful decisions you made during preparing the dream wedding. But it can be a sparkle point that makes your wedding more excellent. So please take your time, and enjoy the process of choosing them that best represents you as a couple.

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