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Adorable Wedding Cake Topper Designs

wedding cake toppers started to be used since late 19th century, and it became popular since 1920th. People choose different toppers based on the type of their cakes. They can be used at the ceremony, and also kept as keepsake in the rest of their sweet lives. They contain a lot, such as your special feelings to the special people. These feelings can be delivered to all the guests simply and elegantly.
As the wedding cake topper become more and more popular, you are offered with many options. You can choose some figurines that represent love, for example, cupids, love birds or doves. In earlier years, people made cake toppers at home, so common materials such as gum pastes were used a lot. Paper, glass and wood were also popular. While we now can use more diverse materials, cellophane paper, paper, wax, clay, even crystals. Just choose whatever you want!
Here are some adorable options for the designs..
1. Monogram. It can be a combination of numbers or letters. Most are made by Swarovski crystals. They are brilliant and elegant. Brides with princess dreams prefer this kind of cake tops.
2. Fresh flower cake toppers. Some newlywed had some fresh flowers on the top of their wedding cake. The flowers can make your wedding more romantic. You can choose different flowers according to the flower language, for example, roses represent impassioned love, and lilies mean pure love forever.
3. Customized wedding cake toppers . More and more newlywed people are interested in these one of a kind toppers. Using your unlimited imagination, you can have any unique cake tops that symbolize your love dramatically. You can specify a theme, design that with different sizes, colors, and poses.
Do you have a plan to have many children to fulfill your life with laugh? Then you can have some children figurine as part of your topper. Are you eager for travelling around the world? Maybe a plane or a small tellurion can make this wish perfect in your wedding. Do you want to run a success restaurant? Maybe you need to get both of you in chef’s costume first on your topper. You can see it is such a charming way to let the guest know your wonderful dreams.
Take your time, think about it carefully, a perfect wedding cake topper can be born! It could be the most focal point of your dream wedding.
Wade is an author for a variety of wedding cake toppers. If you’re looking for custom wedding cake toppers, visit the website http://www.fundeliver.com and browse their bride and groom figurine collection. Find unqiue wedding cake accessories to make your wedding extra special!

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