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Custom Wedding Cake Toppers- Match Your Wedding Perfectly

There is no doubt that bride, groom and wedding cake are the three main elements in every wedding. Sure if there are no bride and groom, it can’t even be called a wedding. And also wedding is dull if there is no wedding cake. But do you know what the most significant piece of wedding cake is? Yes, a cake topper!

A wedding cake topper is a kind of decoration which is put on the top of the cake in most cases. Normally it is a figurine representing of a bride and groom in formal wedding attire. When the wedding is over, new couples will leave it as a keepsake and wonderful memory of their wedding day.

Cake toppers come in many different styles. They can be humorous, funny, outlandish, and vintage – in other words, whatever the couple decides that they like. But choosing a 100% satisfied topper is really hard. The one you buy off the shelf is cute and charming but there are always one or two aspects which don’t meet your requirement. Then what to do? A custom wedding cake topper would be a good idea. You can specify any details you want from head to toes. But in the meanwhile another problem comes out. If you specify too many details, the price might be pretty high and beyond your limited budget. Also another thing you should know is usually the cake toppers you customized are non-refundable. They are customized made for you, the provider can’t resell them to anyone else. That is why they don’t offer refund. Keep these two facts in mind if you are leaning towards a custom made solution.

If fully custom made decorations are too expensive to afford, a third option is to partially customize your toppers. Many providers will offer some standard wedding cake toppers but still leave the most important part blank to custom as your specification. This helps cut the cost effectively in effect and are welcomed by many couples.

There are many materials can be used for making cake tops. The following are common ones you can see from the market.

1. Glass. Hand blown glass toppers are very popular by their unique sharp and twinkling looking. In the hands of a skilled craftsman such a topper becomes a singular work or artistic creation that would have value even if it weren’t set atop a wedding cake.

2. Porcelain. It is another material that many artist love to use to create a customized topper. They add a touch of elegance to what might normally be thought of as a simple design.

3. Clay. When the shape of topper is too complicated, it might be too hard to create by glass or porcelain. Then it would be a show time for clay. Clay does a very excellent job on build complicated shape toppers.

All in all, the wedding cake topper is not only a “showpiece” for the cake, but also highlighting the starting of a new life for the just married couple. Let the customized wedding cake topper witness your wedding and be a great treasure of your whole life.

For more custom wedding cake toppers information, please visit the website FunDeliver.com. Browse their bride and groom figurine collection, find unique wedding cake toppers ideas to make your wedding extra special! Let the customized wedding cake toppers be a wonderful memory of your whole life.

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