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Incredible Sparkling Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

Vintage wedding cake toppers passed down from parents and redecorate to make a sparkling modern wedding cake toppers.  I found this at Denna’s blog and quite agree with Denna, yes, this was also my favorite thing of the whole wedding.

Their cake topper was really gorgeous. You might think "holy cow, why did they use that cheesy cake topper?" at the first glance. But when you know the history about the cake topper, you will change your mind. This cake topper has been used in Chris’s family for ages! What a hoot! They paint the hair on the bride and groom to match the real ones! The the most important is that Cousins, aunts and uncles, all sorts of relatives in Jill’s family have had this cake topper. Some have added lace, and beads and such. It’s just SO sweet and warm and well, just so like Chris’s big happy family! She is from a really close family of 8 kids. This cake topper, to me, just really embodied the whole feel of her family.

And for me, I think this is not only a cake topper passed down by his family, but also a kind of special good wishes. I love the feeling so much.

Incredible Sparkling Wedding Cake Toppers

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