Wedding Cake Toppers – The Best Thing to Shine Your Wedding

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Many years ago, couples had only a few choices when they select their cake toppers. Also in most cases those cake toppers were unimaginative and boring. Now situation has changed. Wedding cake toppers come in a huge variety these days to suit all tastes and all budgets. Just take a while searching and choosing, your wedding topper can be shining point of your reception decorated by the unique toppers.

Although there are some tips of choosing cake toppers, however no one can do it for you. You have to decide by yourself. As the name suggests, cake toppers will be put on your cake. In order to match the cake and topper perfectly, the first thing you should think over is the cake, not the cake topper. Every aspect and every detail should be under your consideration such as size, shape and favors. Rewrite down what you want and draw some drafts if possible. Contact many bakers; show them your idea. Pick one who can fully understand what you want. Try to make the baker done some samples for you. After tasting the sample, you can be sure whether you and your guests will be satisfied. Once the style of cake is chosen, the next thing is the decoration – cake topper.

Compared to outdated, plastic bride and groom toppers, today’s toppers are more creative and personal. Also the materials are not bounded by plastic, more materials are available now from metal to crystal, which make the topper looked more nobleness. Usually people buy cake toppers at the same store where you order your wedding cake topper. However you don’t have to do so. Especially your design is quite unique, only a few providers can meet your requirement. If then it is better to consult with the pastry chef to make sure the cake topper you get from other place can fit your wedding cake well.

Be patient and choose wisely. Sometimes it is really a hard job to find a perfect one. After several days searching, you will be sure to get your own unique topper to make your wedding shine.

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Wedding Cake Toppers – A Bride’s Complete Guide

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Sometimes planning a wedding is like starting a big project. You need to take care of everything and every detail from reception to ceremony. The to-do lists would be quite long. Usually the main aspects include selecting wedding venue and flowers, songs, DJ, and Photographer, wedding dress and bridal party attire, the food and cake, wedding invitations and favors…But do you ever notice which is at the end of to-do list? In most cases, it is wedding cake topper which seems not very important however it do can add a special touch to your wedding.

Many couples don’t realize the importance of wedding toppers. Now let me explain why cake toppers are so significant. Definitely you will take lots of photos in your wedding. They will be a great memory several years after the ceremony. Just imagine a little bit, 20 years after your ceremony, one day you and your spouse are enjoying those photos reviewing the perfect day of your life, suddenly you find out the wedding cake toppers is so tacky to be the background of your photos. Would it be a great regret? Now do you still think wedding toppers are insignificant? After you understand the importance, how to choose the right cake toppers?

Nowadays newlyweds are no longer bounded by the customs and traditions; they needn’t suffer from outdated small, plastic figurines to adorn the tops of their cakes. More and more different styles wedding cake toppers release, brides and grooms have more choice to choose the right toppers.

Firstly pay attention to the size of cake, particularly the top tier or wherever you plan on displaying the topper. You don’t want to encounter the embarrassing thing that the topper doesn’t fit your cake well, right?

Take a look around those existing products in the market, get a general idea about your topper then think over the style you love. Do you have some special hobbies or unique interests you could involve into your wedding? For example, if you a huge hockey fan, why not have the figurines wearing the jersey of your favorite team? Or, maybe you love your pets very much, why not incorporate them via the form of cake toppers?

If you are planning a theme wedding which will take place at certain location, you might want to have a theme wedding cake topper to match. For beach wedding, having sand-feeling and shell cake topper would be a great idea. For winter wedding, you might need a cake topper to reflect this season’s features such as snowflakes or snowman.

Not only the style of cake toppers you should pay attention to, but also you should know the material. Here are some common materials you can find at market.

  • Clay cake toppers
  • Porcelain cake toppers
  • Crystals cake toppers
  • Floral cake toppers
  • Fabric cake topper

No matter what kind of wedding cake topper you ultimately decide on, keep in mind that you must match it to the whole wedding and cake. It would be the perfect finishing touch of your big day.

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Wedding Cake Toppers – Make Your Wedding Special

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When it comes to wedding, everyone wants a gorgeous ceremony with wonderful reception. The newlywed makes an aborative preparation for wedding dress, wedding favors and wedding cake. It seems everything is ok. But wait, one small but important thing which is often forgotten by the bride-to-be is the cake topper. Since many people don’t realize missing it till after they look at the cake. However good cake toppers do add a unique touch to your wedding, it is necessary to choose a right one. Now there are many selections about cake toppers which are far beyond your imagination. From monogram cake topper to porcelain cake topper, you can always find a topper matching your wedding perfectly. If you are too busy or your idea is too unique, you can even have someone custom a topper to meet your requirement.

Usually if you have a very special theme wedding, custom made toppers will be the best choice for you. Since they are customized made and their only goal is to match your wedding. Recently getting your pets involved in your wedding is very popular, if this concept appeals to you, custom a dog or cat cake topper might be a good idea. Remember, cake toppers are talking points of your wedding and also are an essential component of bridal accessories. Why not free your imagination, and let cake topper be the unique connection between your wedding and your real life or personality. For example, having a cake topper representing your hobby or career is a great idea. If so, they will not only be a cake topper on your wedding, but also be an eternal keepsake of your whole life.

After several comparisons among endless choice about wedding toppers, you finally get the one you love. Now show time begins. Put it on your wedding cake and shine your personality and taste to your guest by your unique wedding toppers. Let the topper witness the unforgotten date of your whole life. For more wedding cake toppers information, please visit the website. Browse their bride and groom figurine collection, find unique cake toppers ideas to make your wedding extra special!

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Custom Your Wedding Cake Toppers to Make Your Wedding Special

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Adding wedding topper on your cake is like putting a star in the dark sky. It would be a last thing to make you wedding special and sparkling. However do you know what kind of wedding cake topper is the most special one among that many styles? Yes, it is customized cake topper, which is one of a kind in the world and would be total different from those existing ones in the market.

You need to know what exactly you want before you order your custom wedding cake toppers. That would be hard, since from the very beginning, you might have only a general idea and don’t know how to turn the general idea to exact one. Luckily now we have many ways to work out the problem. You can Google it, or browse some famous wedding forum to ask for help from other brides…Through these, you idea will become more and more clear. Make sure the cake topper match your wedding them. If you have beach theme wedding, making the topper with sand and shell is a good idea. If your wedding is close to Thanksgiving, then having two figurines of a small bride and groom dressed as pilgrims sounds great. If you want a Halloween theme wedding, then order two figures look like witch and wizard would be quite fabulous and matching. Of course you can have the figurines looked like you, but you still have other options. If you love birds, you can custom bird artwork, if you like flower, you can tell the artist to make some certain flowers you love. All depends on your decision.

One more important thing is you should try to order as early as possible, at least before your wedding cake come out. Since usually toppers and cake are not made at the same store by the same people. They may not match very well. So it is good to get your topper done before ordering your wedding cake.

For more wedding cake toppers information, please visit the website Browse their bride and groom figurine collection, find unique cake toppers ideas to make your wedding extra special! Let these personalized wedding cake toppers shine your wedding warmly.

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How to Custom Your Wedding Cake Toppers to Resemble You

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Have you noticed the recently new about Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone? Not to mention the facticity of news, the few snapshots published do revealed a trend about wedding cake toppers- two customized figurines look just like the couple. As snapshots of Marc Jacobs’s ceremony, the customized wedding cake toppers dashed Lorenzo in a tux and Jacobs shirtless, in all his tattooed glory.

Do you want to follow the trend to get a similar cake topper as Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone’s? Oh, wait, buying these kinds of wedding toppers is totally different from other normal ones. Since they are handmade, you must follow a certain rule to get a satisfied one. Here are some tips telling you how to choose.

First, choose a good supplier. You must be aware that these toppers are full handmade. So only skilled supplier can make you cake toppers perfect. But how to judge whether a supplier is good a bad? The answer is checking their service process. Asking whether they provide 2D drafts designing service before they start to sculpt your figurines, whether they send you images to let your proof the likeness and how many modification request can be accepted. All above is good way to figure out a good supplier.

Second, choose a style you love. Usually customized cake topper is pricy. In order to offer different selection for their customers, suppliers often provide two series. One is half premade figurines, another is fully custom ones. Half premade figurines are cheaper, the heads will be sculpted to resemble you, but the bodies are premade, you can’t change them. If you do want to custom bodies, a fully custom cake topper will work for you. You can specify anything and let the artist sculpt for you.

At last, take good photos. Good figurines depend on the photos you provide. The better the photo, the better the likeness will be; after all, you are creating a three dimensional figurine! So check their photo guidelines carefully and do it strictly as supplier required.

For more custom wedding cake toppers information, please visit the website Browse their bride and groom figurine collection, find unique wedding cake toppers ideas to make your wedding extra special!

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Customized wedding cake topper – Be unique

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The great day is coming! You are going to be the most beautiful bride in the world. You want a unique wedding that can reflect your personality and feeling? Then you begin to spend lots of time choosing wedding dress, wedding favor, and wedding bouquet. Don’t forget one small but meaningful thing – wedding cake topper! Recently customized cake topper has become more and more popular, little figures of the newlyweds with funny or elegant pose can be a sparkled point at the ceremony and also an adorable keepsake after that. A fantastic wedding topper can be a great talking point, and will remind you of the wonderful occasion every time you see it.

Nowadays, ordering a customized cake topper from Internet has been very popular. There are lots of suppliers offering different kinds of cake toppers such as monogram cake toppers, clay cake toppers and more… Actually there are too many of them that you have to spend hours to choose the right one. Here are some tips on how to choose your customized toppers.

Basic principal, Let the customized wedding toppers match your wedding, your personality or the special thing you want to memorize. And take a look around the market; get a general idea about the existing product. You are going to spend lots of money to custom your own topper; you don’t want it to be similar to the existing product, right? If so, that would be a great waste of money.

Second choosing a material you love. You may wonder why need pay attention to material? Since sometimes styles of cake toppers depend on the material. For example if you want to custom cute animal theme cake toppers, then paper clay or fabric would work perfect on your requirement, other materials such as glass or porcelain might not work that good. Cute and lovely feeling may not be expressed fully by glass or porcelain.

At last, tell the artist or craftsman what you want details, write an instruction for your toppers as detailed as possible. You can even tell them the reason why you want to custom the cake topper, these can help them catch the unique meaning of the cake toppers and often that would be a great help for making the toppers.

For more custom wedding cake toppers information, please visit the website Browse their bride and groom figurine collection, find unique wedding cake toppers ideas to make your wedding extra special!

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Thai Boxer and Bride Wedding Cake Topper

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Professional thai boxer and the bride wedding cake topper features beach background and groom&Bride wearing fighting gloves. Nice wedding cake topper of boxing fans and athlete.

This thai boxer wedding cake topper is made by Pauline, an artist specialized in crafting wedding cake toppers. And this is her last artwork for 2009. And was made for an Australian.

Since the wedding is to take place on the beach, so there are waves, shells and palm tree in the background.  Oh, another interesting thing is the groom’s eye. That is what the bride want to be—a black eye. So funny.

Thai boxer and bride wedding cake topper

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